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Homestead: Christmas Ornament Wreath

11 Dec

I wasn’t sure what to do for a Christmas-y door wreath this year, so I searched around online for some ideas. I found this DIY Christmas Wreath idea from Shelterness.com, and I thought I’d give it a try! In the past, I had been put off by making an ornament wreath because using hot glue to affix all the ornaments felt too permanent; I knew I wasn’t going to get it right the first time, so I wanted to find a way to do it that was adjustable. And what I like about the Shelterness wreath is that the ornaments go on a rounded-out coat hanger, so you can move them around.

This is what I started out with: some colorful, round, cheap ornaments from the store as well as some smaller, colorful ornaments I already had laying around the house. (I ended up not needing to use them all.)

One of the first things you’re supposed to do is secure the metal caps of the ornaments with a little hot glue. Well, it seemed like the caps were on there pretty tightly, and trying to pry them off just to glue them back on felt a little pointless. So at first I just added a little bit of hot glue around where the caps met the ornaments, but that was eating up so much time. So, I stopped the gluing and started adding the ornaments.

This was actually pretty difficult! At least it was for me. After some experimenting, I finally figured out a decent process of mixing up the sizes to minimize gaps (and unsightly glimpses of coat hanger). It took about three hours! And when I was finished and started to re-twist the to ends of the coat hanger together…

A few ornaments popped off. Nards! So if you ever want to try this out, I highly recommend not skipping the hot gluing step at the beginning.

After all that work, I went to hang it on the door…

And it wouldn’t lay flat against the door. Argh! (At least it looks very festive.)

Well, so what if it doesn’t lay flat against the door, right? That’s easy enough to fix by changing the way the hanger’s set up…

…Except, there’s a bigger issue: The wreath is so big that the front door doesn’t close. Double Argh!

But Tim came up with a great idea:

Instead of a door wreath, it’s now a window wreath!

So I have one pretty festive window, and one pretty stark-looking door.


Homestead: Cut-Paper Spring Wreath

24 Apr

Made a spring-time wreath for our front door! I was inspired by this very lovely project: Gorgeous DIY Paper Wreath.

The leaves lay flat because I used glue instead of staples. I’m fine with it (though I really do love the 3-D-ness of the wreath in that link!).

The leaves are made from really pretty paper I found at Paper Source. Some sort of shimmery ink was used to make the patterns on the paper, so there’s a nice play between natural/hand-made-looking paper and pops of shimmery-ness.

The bird design was inspired by an image from one of my fave stock image sites. I used scraps of paper that I happened to have left over from other projects. The copper paper is shimmery, which echoes the shimmery-ness of the rest of the wreath.

I used a lighter-weight cardboard instead of the usual bookboard, since it’s easier to cut in to a circle. But this means that the wreath started to bow pretty soon after hanging it on the door. 😦 Maybe next year I’ll try to fix it by adding heavier-weight cardboard to the back.

You can’t really tell, but I used a semi-sheer, shimmery, copper-y ribbon to tie it to the door.

Unlike the Vintage Valentines wreath, this did not get a complement by the mailman. Ah well! It makes me happy to see it whenever I come home, so that’s what counts!

Homestead: Vintage Valentines Wreath

14 Feb

I’ve been attempting to make my house a little more festive year-round. I was hard-pressed for a winter-ish decor idea, until I saw this cute Vintage Valentines Wreath. How perfect!

I wanted a really busy wreath with lots of cute valentines. I can’t remember exactly where I found each valentine image, but if you want to try this at home, you’d be pretty okay with doing a search for “vintage valentines” or “vintage valentines free downloads”, and you’ll find some decent copyright-friendly images that are large enough to print.

I have lots of art supplies already at my house, so I stuck to making this out of materials I already have. I printed out the valentines on white cardstock and cut them out with scissors and an X-Acto knife. I cut a big circle with a hole in the middle of it out of bookbinders board (what a pain in the butt!) and painted the back of it with black gouache. I arranged the valentines into the shape I wanted. And then I glued everything in place, and went over it with lots of layers of Outdoor Mod Podge. It was my first time using Mod Podge! It came out okay, I just wish I did thinner layers so the brushstrokes weren’t as noticeable.

And there ya go:

Vintage Valentine-y goodness!

Here's a close-up of some of the adorableness.

I "needle" lot of romance.

I'm fascinated by this weird egg kid.

"It's PLANE to see I want to be your Valentine." I gotta get in to this Valentines-making business, and put my love of terrible/amazing puns to good use!

My mailman rang my doorbell last weekend to tell me how much he loved this thing. He’d been looking at it all week and wanted to find out how I made it so he could make one with his kids. This wreath makes me so happy whenever I see it, so I’m glad it could bring a little bit of joy to someone else as well.

Won't you be my Valentine?

Homestead: Deck the Halls…

19 Dec

Christmas is a week away! My brain is still running on July time. Well, as I attempt to get my act together, I’ll try to post a little holiday cheer every day this week. I’ll start with my Christmas wreath!

I’m a big fan of funky wreaths. This year, we picked up an undecorated one at Russo’s Market, and due to time and $$ constraints, I wanted to decorate it using materials we already had in the house. I did a bit of online searching for some ideas, and I stumbled upon this gorgeous and fun wreath on the Good Housekeeping website: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/christmas-door-decorating-ideas#slide-2.

I love the insane amount of ornaments and that there’s only a few branches of wreath poking out. But even though I thought I had a lot of ornaments, well I didn’t have nearly enough to get this look. But I think our version still came out cool!

Fun, colorful wreath! (c) Tim Gardiner

Okay, even without the Hipsta-ness, it’s still pretty colorful.

Side view, no filters. (c) Tim Gardiner

Props go to Tim, because even though I caught the inspiration bug on this one, I didn’t have the physical strength to twist all that floral wire to get the ornaments to stay on. Dude, thank you for being a stud and for always being comfortable with helping me on my grandiose craft projects!!

Homestead: Halloween Wreath

21 Oct

I wasn’t able to do any insane Halloween decorations this year, but I was able to make at least one fun thing: a Halloween Wreath!

Close-up of monster faces.

I really wanted to make a Halloween wreath (and my upstairs neighbor made one for their door too so it’s adorable that we both have one!), and I wanted to do something with classic movie monsters. If you can’t tell, I decided on Frankenstein‘s monster, Dracula, The Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy. I also made a little skull face for the center of the ribbon.

I made these dudes out of thick book board and acrylic and gouache paints. Cutting them out was a pain, I ended up using heavy-duty kitchen scissors and it took a couple of hours. Worth it though!

I got the ribbons and actual wreath from A.C. Moore, and the cool leafy garland from the Christmas Tree Shops.

This is what the whole wreath looks like hanging on our door. I didn't make the skeleton hanging in the middle; he's one of three that's also hanging on our door. Another Christmas Tree Shops special!

Thanks to Tim for letting me use his iPhone to take pics (I don’t have a camera anymore). I like how the monster colors came out almost neon!