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Shop Talk: Mini Valentines

4 Feb

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but, weirdly enough, I do like me some valentines! Especially those old-timey ones with terrible puns and adorable drawings on them. (Do you guys remember the Vintage Valentines Wreath I made last year??) In the spirit of pun-i-ness, I decided to create some of my own little valentines.


This is the first valentine that I made. I always liked the Valentine-y greeting “Batty for you”, so I decided to draw a lovely bat delivering a box of chocolates.


Then I drew this happy little bee wearing happy little boots. I kind of imagine that high fives are being given with both of its non-flower-holding hands.


I was thinking “great catch” because of the whole fishing thing (though do people fish for goldfish?), but I thought it was funny to draw this chipper fishie as a cowboy with a lasso (to “catch” their valentine).


And here we have a hopeful deer delivering a valentine. Here’s hoping he also gets an “x” and “o” in return!


I had these printed on the same textured cream-colored card stock that I use for my greeting cards. To figure out what size they should be, I found small envelopes that I thought worked well (#3 coin envelopes did the trick). They’re definitely too small to send in the mail, but they’re perfect for hand-delivering to your favorite valentine(s?).

These designs are all available in my shop: www.etsy.com/listing/121079409/mini-valentines-day-valentines-4-pack. There are other Valentine’s Day cards available as well; they’re all available in the “greeting card” section: www.etsy.com/shop/absolutelyicebox?section_id=12594395.

By the way: Since I never throw anything out, I still have some my favorite valentines I got from my classmates when I was a kid. I keep these two up in my studio:


On the left: Hulk Hogan! I got this in 1st or 2nd grade from a boy named Mike. We had to give everyone in our class a valentine, and I’m so glad that I was the lucky recipient of this unintentional hilariousness. It makes me giggle every time I see it. (I’m giggling right now!) The one on the right is from my good friend Sarah from when we went to school together. This one makes me so happy!


Homestead: Halloween Wreath

21 Oct

I wasn’t able to do any insane Halloween decorations this year, but I was able to make at least one fun thing: a Halloween Wreath!

Close-up of monster faces.

I really wanted to make a Halloween wreath (and my upstairs neighbor made one for their door too so it’s adorable that we both have one!), and I wanted to do something with classic movie monsters. If you can’t tell, I decided on Frankenstein‘s monster, Dracula, The Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy. I also made a little skull face for the center of the ribbon.

I made these dudes out of thick book board and acrylic and gouache paints. Cutting them out was a pain, I ended up using heavy-duty kitchen scissors and it took a couple of hours. Worth it though!

I got the ribbons and actual wreath from A.C. Moore, and the cool leafy garland from the Christmas Tree Shops.

This is what the whole wreath looks like hanging on our door. I didn't make the skeleton hanging in the middle; he's one of three that's also hanging on our door. Another Christmas Tree Shops special!

Thanks to Tim for letting me use his iPhone to take pics (I don’t have a camera anymore). I like how the monster colors came out almost neon!