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Homestead ViVi: Viva ViVi!

15 Aug

Hey there! Long time, no see! Usually I come up with some excuse after a long hiatus. Summer’s been crazy per usual, and I have a bunch of stuff that I’m working on, should be working on, and tell myself that I’m working on when I really haven’t touched it in months (a “Two Hour Sweater” shouldn’t take four months to knit…). But I have a lovely reason for my current lack of productivity:

Three months ago, WE GOT A DOGGIE!!!! Timbo and I had been talking about getting a dog for yearrrrrrrrrs, and we finally decided to take the plunge.

Our little bundle of joy’s name is ViVi (“Vee-Vee”), and she’s the coolest, most adorable pup with the biggest, cutest underbite. She was found wandering the streets before Animal Control picked her up, and since nobody claimed her, she was moved to the Animal Rescue League in Dedham, MA. Where we promptly fell in love with her, and gave her a new name and a new start.

Vivian “ViVi” Garpeski

Because of her mysterious origins, we don’t really know anything about her. We think she’s a “Chug”: part Pug, part Chihuahua. She’s pretty small at only 10 lbs., and we think she’s around 1 years old because her coat’s still changing and she still has crazy puppy bursts (Though her dental suggests she’s about 2-3, and an eye test suggested she’s 4-5… But we think she just has terrible teeth and eyes, just like her new parents!).

ViVi and Mumma

It’s been quite an adventure these past few months. ViVi’s the first dog I’ve ever had, so I’ve been learning lots. And I’ve also had so much fun getting to know her, playing with her, training her (she’s super smart! Though I guess it helps that she’s also very food-motivated…), and exploring new places with her.

Hangin’ with Dad

She loves people, other dogs, and pretty much everything else! She sometimes (usually) puts off some dogs because she loves to play and is crazy about it. But she likes saying hi to all the people and dogs in the ‘hood, and I’m quickly becoming known as “ViVi’s Mom”. My neighborhood has lots of dogs, but my town doesn’t have a dog park. Booooo. So when she’s not visiting at friends’ houses or trying to chase down other dogs on the sidewalk, she’s content jumping off of all the furniture and running circles around the house.

We were out in the garden one morning, and we looked up to see ViVi prancing in the living room window sill. Doesn’t she look happy with herself?

I just finished a little painting of ViVi to hang up in our house. I was inspired by all the new things we learned about her, particularly the things she feels passionately about:

10″ x 10″ (12″ x 12″ trim size, for easy framing), made with my favorite watercolor pencils and Micron pens. Her eyes came out a lot less happy-looking than in the sketch, and I seemed to have dropped the ball on the placement of the word “pinecones” with the pinecone (also, I learned that I really hate drawing pinecones). Oh well, maybe I’ll do another painting soon. I have years to do cute little drawings of my most favorite dog in the world. Viva ViVi!

Now that ViVi’s settled in to her new abode, I hope to be posting more stuff soon!