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Homestead: More Paper Craft Fun!

2 Feb

Did these two fun paper crafts from Paper Foldables!

Atari 2600 Business Card Holder:

This is pretty ingenious!

I made this for Tim. Now he just needs actual business cards… (I used my own in this pic.)

Accordion Calendar 2010:

An accordion…

…with an accordion-fold calendar inside!

An accordion fold inside of an accordion… I love it!!

Even the calendar design is a-dor-a-ble!

I made these little by little at work, whenever I needed an “I will go mental if I have to stare at this project on my computer screen for one minute longer” break. Looking at these pics make me realize how crap my craft skillz are getting. But it’s also because I used an inkjet printer on heavy cardstock… Will some day figure out a way to make a really clean-looking paper craft!

And speaking of “really clean-looking paper craft”, my friend Elissa shared this link with me. It’s a die-cut paper toy, you just have to glue it together! How cool is that??


Homestead: Paper Crafts

10 Oct

I really like paper. I can spend lots of time just looking at paper at shops, let alone buying and collecting sheets for future projects (or just to look at. I know I’m weird!!). I also like making boxes and packaging, and especially origami and architectural origami.

Something I’ve recently gotten into is making paper toys! There are some pretty awesome websites with some cool templates out there. Here are some pics of little guys I’ve made so far!

I keep these guys at work.

I keep these guys at work.

Theyre inside the entrance to my cube, so make sure to take a peek next time you stop by and say hi to me at work!

They’re inside the entrance to my cube, so make sure to take a peek next time you stop by and say hi to me at work! Also, look at that lense distortion!

More of a close-up shot.

More of a close-up shot.

One of my FAVORITE paper toys website is cubeecraft.com. Not only are these templates designed so that you don’t need to use glue to assemble them (so cool!!), but the actual toy characters are all fun things that are so near and dear to my heart. Check it out!

Other websites that these little guys came from:





I’ll post any more paper thingies I make in the future (which will probably be A LOT). And soon I’ll probably get off my butt and start making some of my own templates!