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Wedding Part Five: Outta Time

10 Sep

My final wedding post is about all the things I’m sad I didn’t get to make in time for the wedding! Even though I was working on stuff up to the last minute on our wedding day (well I’m lying, I took a 3-hour nap at 6:30am), there are some things that I just didn’t get to finish. A funny one was that I didn’t get to make table place cards, whoops! But to save my sanity, someone (I think Bill, our groomsman/friend-fa-life) came up with the idea that the groomsmen could act as doormen and escort our guests to their tables. That ended up working out pretty well, plus it also emphasized the personalized nature of our wedding. Hooray!

Here’s some other stuff that I’m sad I didn’t get to finish in time for the wedding:

1. Hand-Crocheted Cake Topper

These two birdies cropped up on some of the stuff we made for the wedding, and I thought it would be adorable to make crocheted versions of them for our cake topper!

But this is as far as I got! I couldn't find a (free) pattern that looked like what I wanted, so I decided to make my own pattern. I had a lot of trouble with the color work though, so it took a lot of trial and error. I really wanted this as a cake topper though! I even brought this with me to the Museum, 'cuz I thought I would have time before the wedding to finish it. Ha ha ha ha ha. Well imagine these two little guys finished, with wings and beaks and eyes, and standing on a crocheted heart. One would have square glasses like Tim's, and one would have cat-eye glasses like me.

The cake still looked beautiful though! Katie (at Clementine Cuisine) used some nifty last-minute improvising skills to decorate the cake with leftover flowers from the flower arrangements and stuff. (c) Lisa Rigby Photography

2. Past Anniversaries Special Mini-Exhibit

I’m always making random stuff for Tim as gifts. Since the wedding was in a historical museum, and we were getting married on our 10th anniversary, I came up with the idea (a few weeks before the wedding, alas) that we could set up a “special exhibit” featuring stuff I made for Tim for past anniversaries:

One year, I'd found a cool book about architectural origami in the school library, and I was inspired to make something for Tim for our anniversary that year. It was a small paper box with little paper cut-outs of the two of us (using green papers, he loves green!). I can't find it though, it's packed up in a box somewhere. So I did this little sketch from memory just to give an idea of what it kind of looked like.

A few anniversaries ago I designed Cubee Craft (Love them! cubeecraft.com) versions of the two of us. Here's a mock up of what they look like! I also posted about them here: https://meincrafthaus.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/cubee-love

I was also going to include a print of the Save the Date post card I made, since it's technically for our 10th anniversary, har har!

I couldn’t remember any other anniversary pieces off the top of my head, so I decided to add some bonus pieces to the “exhibit”:

Bonus Piece #1: Here's a valentine I made for him one year. I can't find the printed piece, so here's a .jpeg of the design.

Bonus Piece #2: Here's a random colored pencil drawing of us that I did. I used to have short blond hair. (I've had a lot of different hair styles over the years!)

3. Directional Signage

I had all these ideas as to what to do for directional signs to the Museum and signage inside and stuff. But this is as far as I got with it! I did bring the poster board and my wide selection of color Sharpies with me on the wedding day though, I thought I'd have time to whip up some sweet signs before the festivities. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Well, that’s (finally) it for wedding posts, folks! Thanks for letting me share my special day with y’all. And I should be back to posting more regularly starting next week. We shall see…

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