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Gifties: Hot Heads, Happy Hearts!

9 Nov

Knitting for folks in need is a great way to help out as well as make lots of fun project that you might not normally get to make!

I recently knitted two baby hats for Hot Heads, Happy Hearts! My friend Melanie hipped me to this project, and I also used some of the most excellent Peaches & Crème yarn that she gave to me as a gift.

Here’s a link to the pattern I used for both hats: Newborn Baby Hat Pattern – Rolled Brim

Yarn color is Orange Sherbert, but it totally reminded me or Circus Peanuts when I was working with it! (I have a love/hate relationship with those.) This is one of the first projects I've knitted in the round, and I was getting ladders between the first and second stitches on each needle. At least it's consistent and looks like part of the design, haha! Ended the hat in an i-chord instead of just threading through the yarn.

I like the texture on the inside!

This yarn is Rainbow Ombre. I solved my ladder problem! I was pulling the yarn in between each needle too tight, so it evened out when I loosened up.

Did the normal finish, and I like it!