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Gifties: Devil-y First-Ever Crocheted Hats!

27 Oct

I’d never crocheted a hat before, but when my sis Liz mentioned that she wanted crocheted devil hats for Rosie and Lulu (my 11-month-old and 2-year-old nieces)… how could I resist an adorable challenge like that? 🙂

I had a hard time finding a pattern (there are plenty of KNIT patterns… no one wants to crochet a devil hat apparently), so I ended up using this cute Monkey Hat Pattern as a base for my hat, and using an H hook with Lion-Brand Cotton-Ease yarn in Cherry.

Here's how they came out!

For Rosie, I made the 6–12-month-old size, but it ended up being too small. 😦

For Lulu, I made the same hat but added two more rows of increases to make it bigger.


It fits!

I made up the horns…which took forever to figure out. I ended up doing 6 sc in a magic circle and alternately increased a sc and didn’t increase a sc until I got the shape I wanted.

And, instead of braiding the ear flap ties, I just made a bunch of sc’s.

These hats took me FOREVER and I kept making stupid mistakes. But they came out pretty okay for my first-ever crocheted hats!