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Gifties: Cubee Love

25 Nov

I was always torn whether to post gifts I make for people or not. On one hand, they’re personal things that become no longer mine. On the other hand, most of the stuff I make is for other people, so I wouldn’t have much to post if I didn’t share anything. I’ve come to the decision that I think I’ll just use my discretion.

So! In an earlier post, I professed my fascination with paper crafts. One particularly amazing free paper crafts website is cubeecraft.com: Not only are there a bunch of cool artist original designs as well as Cubee’d versions of your favorite pop culture characters for you to download, print, cut out, and assemble (no glue needed! So cool!), but you can also freely download a template to design your own Cubee toy.

Tim and I both love assembling paper toys from this website! So for our anniversary (back in June; yeah, I’m a bit slow in posting this), I thought it’d be brilliant to design Cubee versions of ourselves. Of course summers are super duper busy at work, but I managed to make these in time:

Here’s Tim!

Here’s me!

What the template of Tim looks like.

And this is the me template.

I also made Action Hand-Holding Arms. The arms stick out to the side and hopefully the heart folds up somewhere inbetween. Tim hasn’t made these guys yet… And I haven’t tried it out to see if it would work… It’s part of the surprise Tim will feel when he finally assemble this thing, haha!

sexy un-Cubee’d lovebirds

If you haven’t already, check out cubeecraft.com for awesome toy designs!!!!!!!!!!!! And try designing one of your own, it’s great!


Homestead: Paper Crafts

10 Oct

I really like paper. I can spend lots of time just looking at paper at shops, let alone buying and collecting sheets for future projects (or just to look at. I know I’m weird!!). I also like making boxes and packaging, and especially origami and architectural origami.

Something I’ve recently gotten into is making paper toys! There are some pretty awesome websites with some cool templates out there. Here are some pics of little guys I’ve made so far!

I keep these guys at work.

I keep these guys at work.

Theyre inside the entrance to my cube, so make sure to take a peek next time you stop by and say hi to me at work!

They’re inside the entrance to my cube, so make sure to take a peek next time you stop by and say hi to me at work! Also, look at that lense distortion!

More of a close-up shot.

More of a close-up shot.

One of my FAVORITE paper toys website is cubeecraft.com. Not only are these templates designed so that you don’t need to use glue to assemble them (so cool!!), but the actual toy characters are all fun things that are so near and dear to my heart. Check it out!

Other websites that these little guys came from:





I’ll post any more paper thingies I make in the future (which will probably be A LOT). And soon I’ll probably get off my butt and start making some of my own templates!