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Homestead: Christmas Ornament Wreath

11 Dec

I wasn’t sure what to do for a Christmas-y door wreath this year, so I searched around online for some ideas. I found this DIY Christmas Wreath idea from Shelterness.com, and I thought I’d give it a try! In the past, I had been put off by making an ornament wreath because using hot glue to affix all the ornaments felt too permanent; I knew I wasn’t going to get it right the first time, so I wanted to find a way to do it that was adjustable. And what I like about the Shelterness wreath is that the ornaments go on a rounded-out coat hanger, so you can move them around.

This is what I started out with: some colorful, round, cheap ornaments from the store as well as some smaller, colorful ornaments I already had laying around the house. (I ended up not needing to use them all.)

One of the first things you’re supposed to do is secure the metal caps of the ornaments with a little hot glue. Well, it seemed like the caps were on there pretty tightly, and trying to pry them off just to glue them back on felt a little pointless. So at first I just added a little bit of hot glue around where the caps met the ornaments, but that was eating up so much time. So, I stopped the gluing and started adding the ornaments.

This was actually pretty difficult! At least it was for me. After some experimenting, I finally figured out a decent process of mixing up the sizes to minimize gaps (and unsightly glimpses of coat hanger). It took about three hours! And when I was finished and started to re-twist the to ends of the coat hanger together…

A few ornaments popped off. Nards! So if you ever want to try this out, I highly recommend not skipping the hot gluing step at the beginning.

After all that work, I went to hang it on the door…

And it wouldn’t lay flat against the door. Argh! (At least it looks very festive.)

Well, so what if it doesn’t lay flat against the door, right? That’s easy enough to fix by changing the way the hanger’s set up…

…Except, there’s a bigger issue: The wreath is so big that the front door doesn’t close. Double Argh!

But Tim came up with a great idea:

Instead of a door wreath, it’s now a window wreath!

So I have one pretty festive window, and one pretty stark-looking door.


Homestead: Deck the Halls…

19 Dec

Christmas is a week away! My brain is still running on July time. Well, as I attempt to get my act together, I’ll try to post a little holiday cheer every day this week. I’ll start with my Christmas wreath!

I’m a big fan of funky wreaths. This year, we picked up an undecorated one at Russo’s Market, and due to time and $$ constraints, I wanted to decorate it using materials we already had in the house. I did a bit of online searching for some ideas, and I stumbled upon this gorgeous and fun wreath on the Good Housekeeping website: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/christmas-door-decorating-ideas#slide-2.

I love the insane amount of ornaments and that there’s only a few branches of wreath poking out. But even though I thought I had a lot of ornaments, well I didn’t have nearly enough to get this look. But I think our version still came out cool!

Fun, colorful wreath! (c) Tim Gardiner

Okay, even without the Hipsta-ness, it’s still pretty colorful.

Side view, no filters. (c) Tim Gardiner

Props go to Tim, because even though I caught the inspiration bug on this one, I didn’t have the physical strength to twist all that floral wire to get the ornaments to stay on. Dude, thank you for being a stud and for always being comfortable with helping me on my grandiose craft projects!!

Homestead Gifties: Video Game Goodness

19 Jul

Hey Dudes! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been reaaaaaaaaaally busy. But that just means I’ll have more stuff to post, bwa ha ha!

But I’m still reaaaaaaaaaally busy, so until I get my act together, lemme post a quick happy little something!

Remember my Amigurumi Christmas Tree that I love to talk about? Well last Christmas I decided to make it a straight-up Video Game Tree, and I wanted to make Pac-Man and all the little ghosties chasing each other around it!

But guess who ran out of time and didn’t get to make the ghosties? But guess who DID get to make Pac-Man at least! I used this pattern: http://fulloffluff.com/wordpress/2007/04/03/14/ to make him.

Look how cute he is! I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, even for the eyes (couldn’t/was too lazy to find buttons that would work perfectly).

I think he kind of looks like a Muppet though. It might be the red tongue!

Here he is with his friends.

Here’s a shot of the entire nerd fest!

You may have noticed some awesome not-yarn-y 8-bit things hanging on the tree as well. That’s because when my amazing friend Aimee found out I was making a video game tree, she decided to make these goodies for me:

Yes, these are 8-bit classic video game characters made out of Shrinky Dinks covered in that 60’s plastic bead stuff! I love Aimee so much!! Also she took this photo and I stole it from her!

And in return, I made her this:

It’s a metal slime from her fave, Dragon Quest.

I used this pattern but modified it to make it way smaller: http://arpelia.blogspot.com/2008/03/slime-amigurumi.html. And I totally used Vanna’s Glamour and I think like a C hook. So delicate for a slime, haha!


Homestead: Amigurumi Christmas Tree!

28 Dec

Happy Belated Christmas! Continuing the trend of making things for myself, I decided to spend the month of December crocheting amigurumi guys for my 4-ft. chartreuse Christmas tree. I had grand ideas of covering every free spot with cute crocheted versions of things that Tim and I like, but alas I only managed to finish seven things before the holiday.

View 1

View 2

View 3

At least there’s always next year to add more fun! Here’s a closer look at the patterns I used:

Super Mario Invincibility Star:

The Super Mario Invincibility Star as a tree topper? CUTE!!

Super Mario Super Mushroom:

Continuing my obsession with 8-bit and Tim's love for video games, I also made a Super Mushroom!

Super Mario Bob-omb:

Aaaaaaaaaand another Super Mario character! (He was very fun to make!)


I never played "Dragon Warrior," but Tim has, so I thought it'd be fun to make a Slime. Even though I made it a bit smaller than the pattern recommended, it still came out huge. And I accidentally over-stuffed it at first, so the crochet holes got really big and stuffing shows through. But he's still cute, and I love that color blue!

Fried Egg:

I sometimes like eating eggs, and when I do, Tim's always wicked nice about cooking them for me. And he makes a very yummy fried egg! That's why there's a fried egg on our tree. I don't know why either the yolk came out way bigger or the white came out way smaller than in the pattern pic. Yet cuteness abounds!


The real reason I made this one is because it's so cute and I wanted to try my hand at making a picot ruffle. But also, we like watching "Ghost Hunters" and have an interest in the paranormal and "weird" stuff in general, so it's still fitting for the "Things We Like" category! The pattern suggests using glow-in-the-dark yarn; how cool would that be?? I just used white.


I draw hearts all over the place because I think it's funny and I like the shape of them. But it's also fitting because Tim and I are in loooooooooooooove. This heart dude came out funky and it was difficult to stuff and make look like a heart. But it was an interesting crocheting experience. And it came out pretty much a heart shape, so, success!

I used a US F5/3.75 MM sized needle for (I think) all of these, and pretty much used Red Heard Classic Solids and Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn for most of these. And I had fun ordering and using cute safety eyes from CR’s Crafts! (I ordered quite a small collection for these and future projects!)