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Gifties: Caps for Kids

25 Nov

A bunch of us at work donated hats and scarves as Christmas presents for Caps for Kids. Here are some pics of what I made.

Newborn Baby Hat – Rolled Brim:

This is the first hat I ever made, so it's totally ladder-city. But it's uniform so it looks like I did it on purpose. Used up some left-over yarn (Sugar 'n Cream in Faded Denim), but ran out so the hat's a little shorter than the pattern suggests.

Finished it off with an i-cord, but the way I weaved in the ends, it looks like a pumpkin stem!

Purple Scarf:

My friend Melanie gave me some Homespun yarn, and I'd never knitted anything with this kind of yarn before, so I started with a simple project. At first I used size 7 needles & CO 36 stitches. This made a REALLY wide scarf, so I turned it into a cat bed for my friend’s kitty. Tried again casting on 20 stitches; it worked fine and was wide without being too wide!

The scarf being modeled by my lovely sister Amelia! The color is "Baroque" and it's really pretty.

Homespun Hat:

Since Homespun is so soft, I wanted to make a nice hat with it. This yarn color is "Fiesta."

The colors are really nice! Reminds me of one of those giant multi-colored lollipops. This pattern is really simple and easy, and it comes out quite nicely.

What it looks like on! (The colors are way off, but at least you can see what it looks like on.) Since it fits me, then it's probably going to go to an older kid.

Fiesta Scarf:

Since I had leftover "Fiesta" Homespun yarn, I made a scarf with it. Used size 9 needles, CO 18 stitches, and knit until I had no more yarn left.

Amelia is a champ and is modeling this scarf, too!

Melanie is in charge of mailing in the caps and scarves. She says there are three whole boxes full! Way to go, Teamwork!