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Gifties: Underwater Starghan!

13 Sep

One of my other summer projects has been to crochet this baby blankie for my friends Mike and Ricki’s new baby!

An Underwater Starghan for Cash Sinclair!

I used a free pattern by Yarndiva, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. That’s okay, because the pattern was confusing! Which led to this project getting pretty frustrating. I had to re-do it at least 4 times. But I thought a star afghan would be awesome for Cash’s underwater-themed room, so I forced myself to finish it.

But after all that hard work, it ended up, like, not laying flat? But the photos in the pattern show a perfect little flat crocheted star! Whaaaaa…?

Argh! No matter what I do, it just doesn't lay flat!

Oh check it: If you plop it on a carpeted surface and smoosh it down, static electricity keeps it down. But hey, that's cheating!

If I had known that this blanket would behave so unruly, I would have made something else. At the time, I was also working on wedding stuff and other projects (on top of an insane work load at work), so a little less frustration would have been welcomed.

But hey, in the end, I just say it’s “underwater” which explains why it’s wiggly!

I do think it came out pretty cute. I used an assortment of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in lovely “underwater” colors.

Love these blue shades, with the pop of green!

Cash & Co. live in Austin, so a baby blankie’s not really a necessity down there. But I think it works well as a decoration, plus if they do use it, it’s made out of a cotton blend. And cotton is awesomely breathable and keeps you not-sweaty, so it’s great for warm weather babies. And it makes for a decently rough-and-tumble blankie that you can easily machine wash. I love using Cotton Ease for summer baby blankets.

Cash, I hope you’re digging it, little buddy!


Gifties: Baby Blanket for Rose Madeleine

29 Dec

The first thing that I knit was a hooded baby blanket for my first niece Lulu. When I found out my second niece was on her way, I decided to knit her a blanket too. I used the same pattern (I really like it! Here’s the pattern: Hooded Baby Blanket), but instead of doing a garter stitch and crocheting the border like the first one, I followed the pattern’s suggestions and did a stockinette stitch and a “broken rib” knitted border (which didn’t come out like the picture, I think because I had an even amount of stitches so things didn’t line up right… but I like how it came out, the purls were alternating).

I knit this pretty loosely, and I think that's why the blanket came out a little big. But that just means she'll grow in to it, right? 😀 I used a US 8 circular needle, and Red Heart Ltd. Eco-Ways yarn in Lichen and Bark. I would have preferred a warmer and more luxurious yarn for the winter months, but I fell in love in love with these colors! And this yarn's machine washable, which is a must!

Here's a pic of one-month-old Rosie snugging up in her new blankie. She's such a cutie!! Thanks to my sis Liz for taking this pic!