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Gifties: Thomas the Viking

10 Apr

When my excellent friends Kyle and Carrie were expecting their first child, I decided to welcome him in to the world with a bad-ass viking hat! I found this cute pattern online, and thought I’d give it a shot: Warrior Baby Helmets

It’s hard to take accurate photos of a hat if you don’t have a model to don it for you. Since there was a lack of babies in the vicinity at the time, I somehow thought it would be great to toss it on to a nearby cantaloupe. I guess it’s doing an all right job of showing off the hat, but, it just feels weird. Anyways, what a cute hat, right?

I made the 6-12 months size, so the little guy could grow in to it. I decided to use Super Saver yarn (my jam!) so it would be strong and durable enough for rough-and-tumble play, as well as easy to machine wash/dry. Plus I thought the stiff yarn would hold up the horns well. But after making this, I realized I totally could have used a softer yarn, and I totally will if I if I ever make this again.

Note: This was my first time making “bobbles”. They were easy and fun!

It was also my first time making horns out of two colors of yarn. It was easy to crochet, but not easy to sew on to the hat. I think I sewed and re-sewed the horns at least three times before they were relatively evenly-placed. This was a fun hat to make, but the only thing stopping me from making another one any time soon is having to sew on these blasted things.

Thomas William graced us with his presence last summer, but it took awhile before I was able to send out his gift, and even longer for me to post about it (Sorry, my poor, neglected readers!). But there are no hard feelings, as nothing stopped Thomas from immediately trying on his new chapeau.

Thomas the Viking, posing with his daddio, and striking fearsome adorableness into the hearts and minds of the public. The hat’s a *bit* big, but hey, it’ll fit perfectly in about 8 or 9 months!