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Gifties: Some Goodies for Riley Paige

16 Sep

My friends Shelley and Bob are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Riley Paige! As a way to say “Howdy,” I decided to get back to basics and knit her my go-to baby blankie: The Hoodie Baby Blanket.

I like this Hoodie Baby Blanket so much because it’s simple and functional, and there’s room to personalize it with your choice of yarn, stitch, color, etc. I made this blanket for my two nieces when they were babies: I used a breathable cotton blend yarn in a garter stitch and a crocheted border for warm-weather-baby Lulu, and I used warmer yarn in a stockinette stitch with a broken rib border for winter-born Rosie.

For Riley, I did the main part of the blankie in a garter stitch, and did a seed stitch for the border. I think it made a good combo!

Here's a close up of the garter stitch (green) and the seed stitch (cream) together. It's my first time doing a seed stitch, it's pretty!

I rocked Cotton Ease yarn again, to make for a suitable warm-weather blanket. Um, also, you noticed how ruffly the border is, huh? Well I experimented with using a bigger needle for the border, and that’s what happened. I like it though!

Also, I made Riley a matching little friend:

Meet "Smirky Sue"!

Why is she called "Smirky Sue"? 'Cuz she looks like she's smirking! (Because maybe my attaching-different-pieces-together skills are not so hot... read on!)

I really wanted to make Riley a hippo because hippos are her mom’s favorite animal! I figured it’d be easier to use a pattern instead of trying to make one on my own, so I started out using this one. It’s pretty cute, right?? Well, I made all the pieces, but then I ran in to my nemesis: Sewing Pieces Together. It was coming out aaaaaaawful. I haaaaaaaaate sewing pieces together. I lamented not going with my gut and just whipping something up on my own (which would have involved less pieces to sew together, naturally), but I already had all the pieces, so I just attached the pieces differently and added some CK Flair.

I wanted Sue to be baby-safe, so one of the most important changes I made to this pattern was embroidering the eyes instead of using safety eyes. Also, I added teeth, 'cuz hippos have teeth!

I also crocheted her a cute little hair flower.

And I knit her a sassy little scarf.

Don't forget the rear view!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get these gifts to poor Riley until last week (she was born in July!). But even though I was two months late, she didn’t mind.

Riley's mom was kind enough to send me photographic proof that the blankie and Smirky Sue were well-recieved!


Gifties: Baby Blanket for Rose Madeleine

29 Dec

The first thing that I knit was a hooded baby blanket for my first niece Lulu. When I found out my second niece was on her way, I decided to knit her a blanket too. I used the same pattern (I really like it! Here’s the pattern: Hooded Baby Blanket), but instead of doing a garter stitch and crocheting the border like the first one, I followed the pattern’s suggestions and did a stockinette stitch and a “broken rib” knitted border (which didn’t come out like the picture, I think because I had an even amount of stitches so things didn’t line up right… but I like how it came out, the purls were alternating).

I knit this pretty loosely, and I think that's why the blanket came out a little big. But that just means she'll grow in to it, right? 😀 I used a US 8 circular needle, and Red Heart Ltd. Eco-Ways yarn in Lichen and Bark. I would have preferred a warmer and more luxurious yarn for the winter months, but I fell in love in love with these colors! And this yarn's machine washable, which is a must!

Here's a pic of one-month-old Rosie snugging up in her new blankie. She's such a cutie!! Thanks to my sis Liz for taking this pic!

Gifties: Fam Knittery

24 Dec

My first knitting project was a hooded baby blankie for my niece, Lulu. And I finally have a pic!

This is Lulu! Shes 5 months old now, and shes an absolutely adorable little firecracker! Shes starting to get teeth and trying to crawl already!

This is Lulu! She’s 5 months old now, and she’s an absolutely adorable little firecracker! She’s starting to get teeth and trying to crawl and talk already!

Here’s the pattern I followed: http://thriftyknitter.com/?p=293, except I decided to crochet the border because it’s faster. 😀 And also, because this was my first knitting project ever, I did a garter stitch (knit every row) for the whole blankie. This is meant to be a light blankie for during the summer, so that pattern calls for Cotton-Ease for breathability. I used Lake and Taupe. And this was my first introduction to my now-cherished number 7 us – 32 in. circular needle!

Lulu’s mom, my sis Liz, also crochets!

Lizzie showing off the really cool baby blankie that shes making for her friend! I think this is called a puff stitch.

Lizzie showing off the really cool baby blankie that she’s making for her friend! I think this is called a puff stitch.

Someday I hope my crocheting can look as lovely as Lizzie’s projects!!