Homestead: I SOLD OUT a.k.a. another Door Wreath

2 Sep

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. It’s been a heck of a 19(?) months – I started a new gig, I grew my Etsy shop, and I hand-made lots of fun goodies.

I missed you guys! So I’m gonna see if I can work regular blog posts back in to my life. To ease back in to it, let’s start by talking about the time that I SOLD OUT. And of course it involves a door wreath.

So, this past spring, I wanted a new spring wreath for door. (What is up with my semi-obsession with door wreaths?) I didn’t have a lot of extra time to come up with a new wreath design then put it all together, but purchasing a pre-made wreath kit felt like cheating. But then I came across that beautiful Succulent Wreath Kit from Paper Source. The pic on the package looked really good! And a kit *would* save me lots of time! And succulents aren’t season-specific, so I could leave it up all spring and summer until it was time to put up the Halloween wreath! Yippee!! Feeling fully justified, I took the plunge and picked up a wreath kit.


Here’s how it came out. I think it looks pretty decent! And after a few humid summer months, it’s still holding up pretty well.

But it took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages to make. Punching the petal shapes out of the sheets of paper took a surprisingly long time, and then most of the petals had to be cut in to a point. Pretty dang tedious and time-consuming! I admit that I saved time on designing something as well as planning/purchasing materials, plus it came with a pre-cut cardboard circle (which are usually a pain to try to make on your own). But I wish I was prepared for how much time this would take up. An estimated time somewhere on the packaging would have been a great help.

At the end of the day, whatever, I have a cool paper wreath on my front door and it looks lovely! But I’ll definitely think twice about purchasing another wreath kit, because if I’m going to be spending tons of time on making something, I may as well spend it on something worthwhile by making something original instead.


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