Shop Talk: Shop Til You Drop

26 Nov

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been busy getting my Etsy shop up and running! This is something that I’ve been working on for a while, and I now (finally!) have some items posted:

It’s pretty small at the moment, though I already have lots of plans for the upcoming year. One of the things I’m concentrating on right now is greeting cards. I love making greeting cards for my friends and family, and making cards available in my shop is a natural extension of that. So some of the designs may be familiar to a few of you, but here are a couple that are brand-new.

“Abominably Gifted Snowman” (c) by Chrissy Kurpeski

“Abominably Gifted Snowman” greeting card. Who doesn’t love an abominable snowman bearing gifts?

“Abominably Gifted Snowfolk” (c) by Chrissy Kurpeski

“Abominably Gifted Snowfolk” greeting card. Once I drew one, I had to draw three more. 😀 😀 😀

Okay, so this next one isn’t a new design (though I re-did the illustration), but there’s a story behind it.

“Nice Catch!” (c) by Chrissy Kurpeski

“Nice Catch!” greeting card: Every year, my large immediate family does a gift grab at Christmas, and one year I got my dad. He usually includes at least one fairly meta thing on his list each year (like “world peace”), and this particular year, he joked with one of my sisters that he wanted “a monkey and a boat” for Christmas. Haha, whaaaaaat. But I had a way to counteract his smart-ass-iness with smart-ass-iness of my own: I drew a monkey on a boat, and turned the drawing in to Christmas cards to send to all of my family and friends. And I wrote on the back of the cards, “My Dad asked for a monkey and a boat for Christmas, but all he got was this lousy drawing.” I thought I was being so clever with this whole monkey/boat business! But on Christmas morning, when I presented him with his own card and told him the story, he had no recollection of the conversation he had with my sister. Bawwwwww. But I ended up really liking this sassy monkey on a boat fishing for love! Fun fact: in the original drawing I did, the boat had the name “S.S. Nikto” on it. I don’t know why, I think I had slyly asked my dad what he would name a boat if he had one. (Army of Darkness is one of his fave movies.)

There are more cards available in the shop, as well as a few little crochet items. I’m hoping to have a few more crochet cuties up this week, and after that, who knows? I’ll keep ya updated!


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