Homestead: Deck the Halls…

19 Dec

Christmas is a week away! My brain is still running on July time. Well, as I attempt to get my act together, I’ll try to post a little holiday cheer every day this week. I’ll start with my Christmas wreath!

I’m a big fan of funky wreaths. This year, we picked up an undecorated one at Russo’s Market, and due to time and $$ constraints, I wanted to decorate it using materials we already had in the house. I did a bit of online searching for some ideas, and I stumbled upon this gorgeous and fun wreath on the Good Housekeeping website:

I love the insane amount of ornaments and that there’s only a few branches of wreath poking out. But even though I thought I had a lot of ornaments, well I didn’t have nearly enough to get this look. But I think our version still came out cool!

Fun, colorful wreath! (c) Tim Gardiner

Okay, even without the Hipsta-ness, it’s still pretty colorful.

Side view, no filters. (c) Tim Gardiner

Props go to Tim, because even though I caught the inspiration bug on this one, I didn’t have the physical strength to twist all that floral wire to get the ornaments to stay on. Dude, thank you for being a stud and for always being comfortable with helping me on my grandiose craft projects!!


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