Homestead: More October Crafts

28 Nov

October was a busy month!! I made that Classic Movie Monsters Halloween wreath, crocheted those two devil hats for my baby nieces, and went crazy with those spiral apple tawashis. And also, this stuff happened!:

I used this pattern as a base to make adorable candy corns of different sizes! Used a G hook and some Red Heart Super Saver yarn, red embroidery thread, and different sizes of safety eyes.

Took this snazzy photo in my bedroom, on some white paper on top of my bed with my reading lamp and overhead light as light sources, using an iPhone.

I really love this simple coaster pattern, so I went for the gusto and made a bunch of them in different Halloween-y colors. I used a G hook and cotton yarn since cotton easily absorbs leaks and spills. Some of the yarn is Sugar’n Cream, some is Peaches & Creme.

Another iPhone photo!

Side note: I was originally a die-hard Sugar’n Cream fan, I think mostly because it was sold in stores and I really like their logo. But my friend Melanie got me hooked on Peaches & Creme, and now I loooooooove it! It’s so soft and they have awesome colors!

I really like this simple but cool dish cloth pattern (made a lime green dish cloth for myself during the summer), so I decided to make some in holiday colors. Used size 7 needles for them all I think.

I made these two Christmas-y ones using Sugar’n Creme “Holiday Stripes”.

Used Peaches & Creme “Sunrise” for this one. I like the cheery candy corn-y colors!

This is Peaches & Creme “Trick or Treat”, I think it kind of looks like a calico cat. But still, great colors!

Remember the ghost from my Amigurumi Christmas Tree last year? I loved the little picot ruffle at the edge of it so much that I was inspired to make this little Ghostie guy.

Here he is, sitting on top of a pile of trash on my living room end table. I used a G hook and Red Heart Super Saver. And a stuck a little loop of yarn through the top of his head so you can hang him!

Also, I crocheted a little pumpkin! Used good ol’ Super Saver and a G hook (noticed I’d been using my G hook a lot? I actually lost it on the bus one day and almost threw a fit. It was a sad morning and I couldn’t crochet during my commute to work. But then I promptly purchased a replacement during my lunch break).

Here’s this cute little guy, hanging out on a pair of pj pants.

Apparently I’m terrible at decreasing, because, look at the size of those holes on the top! I tried redoing them, but it didn’t look much better. Also I stink at making the stem too. But it still came out cute!

And now, my favorite October thing: my Dark Helmet Halloween costume!! I’d been thinking about it since September, but I really only had time to work on it the week before Halloween. It didn’t come out too bad… for a costume made in a week.

Oh look, another iPhone photo. But at least it gives you an idea of the whole outfit. I started my day off with Mr. Coffee.

I wish I took photos of the whole process, but I can at least tell you about it. I had the boots and the belt, borrowed the black shorts from my sis Amelia, borrowed the gauntlet gloves from Tim, got the shirt and a black ladies dress from Savers, and made the cape out of the dress. I drew the tie and chest plates in Adobe Illustrator, transferred them onto some cardboard, cut them out with heavy duty scissors and an X-Acto blade, and painted them with black and grey gouache (I wish the trim was darker, but, whatever!). The helmet is a crazy conglomeration of a thin plastic bowl my mom gave me when she found out I was making the helmet, a hard hat from Home Depot placed inside the bowl, random things like beer koozies and pieces of fabric from the junk drawer placed around the hard hat to stabilize it inside the bowl, a giant piece of thick paper, strips of paper, bookbinder’s glue, black spray paint, and lots of duct tape. I made the belt buckle for Colonel Sandurz and me last-minute out of cardboard and gouache, and duct-taped them to our belts. Duct tape is my friend. The Schwartz is a Ring Pop, I got a green one for me and an orangey-red one for Lone Starr. I just wore my regular glasses so I could see, ha!

My friend Aimee made me the amazing Dark Helmet and Princess Vespa dolls. I played with them all damn day, it really sealed the deal for the costume!

On Halloween, I went up to Salem, MA with a group of people and we walked around as Spaceballs. Two-thirds of the people up there had no clue who we were, but the other third went nuts over us, including a bike cop, a few 10-year-old kids, and some Gwar-like folks! Tim took photos using the Fraziers’ awesome camera, which explains this awesome non-iPhone photo:

Spaceballs the Halloween Costume!


6 Responses to “Homestead: More October Crafts”

  1. Karissa November 28, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Wow, a busy October indeed! Looks great, CK!!

    • Chrissy K. January 4, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

      Thank you! 😀 BTW your bird lives on the shelf above my bed, I get to wake up to his cute little face every morning!

  2. Lizzie November 28, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    Love love love all the stuff you made!! The candy corn: adorable! Pumpkin: adorable! Lil ghostie: adorable! The pot holders are cute but I always think of those looms we had as kids when it comes to making pot holders, ha ha.

    And your costume *was* awesome! Halloween was fun.

    • Chrissy K. January 4, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

      They’re dish towels (made out of cotton so you can safely scrub glass with them), but yeah, they totally do look like those loom pot holders! I have one in my kitchen, they don’t retain their shape very well but they’re easy to wash and easy to use.

    • Chrissy K. January 4, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

      Also I want to make a whole bunch of ghosties and put them on a string, maybe for next Halloween!

  3. Kellina July 16, 2011 at 4:10 am #

    Your candy corn is the cutest! Love!

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