Gifties: Baby Blanket for Rose Madeleine

29 Dec

The first thing that I knit was a hooded baby blanket for my first niece Lulu. When I found out my second niece was on her way, I decided to knit her a blanket too. I used the same pattern (I really like it! Here’s the pattern: Hooded Baby Blanket), but instead of doing a garter stitch and crocheting the border like the first one, I followed the pattern’s suggestions and did a stockinette stitch and a “broken rib” knitted border (which didn’t come out like the picture, I think because I had an even amount of stitches so things didn’t line up right… but I like how it came out, the purls were alternating).

I knit this pretty loosely, and I think that's why the blanket came out a little big. But that just means she'll grow in to it, right? đŸ˜€ I used a US 8 circular needle, and Red Heart Ltd. Eco-Ways yarn in Lichen and Bark. I would have preferred a warmer and more luxurious yarn for the winter months, but I fell in love in love with these colors! And this yarn's machine washable, which is a must!

Here's a pic of one-month-old Rosie snugging up in her new blankie. She's such a cutie!! Thanks to my sis Liz for taking this pic!


4 Responses to “Gifties: Baby Blanket for Rose Madeleine”

  1. Liz (rippin-kitten) December 31, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    I LOVE this blankie! Love the colors and how soft it is. I’ve been using it faithfully since you gave it to us. I like the hoodie cuz it’s chilly and I don’t have to put a hat on her head. She’s very snuggly in it, too! Nice job!

    • Chrissy K. January 5, 2010 at 3:08 am #

      Yay! Thank you Lizzie! I’m so happy that you like it!


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